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The lovely Robyn of has asked me to guest post about choosing a logo designer and designing a logo from my point of view :) It should be posted today or tomorrow, but I figured I would give my readers a little sneek peak on what I have written for her! Enjoy the process I go through from start to finish with clients and learn a few things on the way about choosing the designer that is right for YOU!

The first step in branding yourself is, of course, choosing a designer. There are quite a few designers out there to choose from so how do you know which one is the “right” one? When choosing your designer, be sure to look for the following:

Budget: How much are you willing to spend on a logo that defines you?
Communication: Does your designer offer methods of communication other than just email?
Previous Work: Check out your designer’s portfolio. Do they do a lot of work similar to the style you’re wanting?
Research: Contact some of the designer’s past clients. Find out how the process went and whether or not they were happy with the result.
Policies: Be sure to check out the designer’s policies. Make sure they offer what you are wanting in terms of final files, turn around time, edits, etc.

Let’s touch on the subject of budgeting. Most importantly, stick to what you can afford. Your logo defines your business and should be with you MANY years. Wait until funds are availabe to work with the designer that you really feel can capture your style and business in your logo. Your logo defines your business and shouldn’t be changed often. The basic concept should remain the same, as constantly changing your look may cause your clients to wonder whether or not you are serious about your work.

Next up: Communication… the rest on the forums!!!

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