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Word of mouth advertising is the single most powerful seller there is. Think about it. If you read an ad in a local resource magazine for a house cleaner you may think to yourself… hmm, I would like some help with the house and set the information aside for later, wanting to research their reputation and pricing schedule, so that you can form an opinion about their trustworthiness and value. But, if your friend, someone you already trust, comes to you raving about the service they just got from a different house cleaner you’d probably be more inclined to put them at the top of your list. What about if you saw the work in person? What if they presented you with a coupon? Would that sway your opinion?

Marketing using word-of-mouth is so powerful that you may not need to spend any money on anything else. Strategically place your blog / website for people to find and give your already happy clients a helping hand in spreading the word.

Bring on the rep cards from WHCC

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written by Rachel Noah @ VerveLifeShop

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Keep your Brand Consistent

August 24, 2009

Your customers will recognize you quickly by your logo and branding items. Changing your logo/brand is expensive, with designer costs, website designing, all printed materials, etc. It also confuses your clients!

Whether your company is as large as CocaCola or a small photography company establishing your brand and staying with it will benefit you in the long run.

Things that can make your brand weak is you yourself are not comfortable in the brand, attempting to create the brand using yourself or someone who is an inexperienced designer. Jumping from one designer to another.

So how can you create a consistent brand? … read the rest on the forums!

For more information on Branding find us in the forums, one of the fabulous designers on board can help you create something that will last you a lifetime!

written by candace wilson | simple wish designs

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